Doctor Who Cybermen - Cherry Pit Heating Pad

Cherry Pit Crafts

$ 25.00 

Are your muscles tired and sore from fighting Daleks all day? Then heat up a Tardis cherry pit pack in the microwave for just two minutes and apply to those aches and pains for soothing relief. Suffering from a migraine caused by too many time jumps? No problem, store your cherry pit pack in the freezer and use it cold to ease the pain away. Use it hot or cold and soon even you will feel regenerated.
Each cherry pit heating pad is made with 100% cotton flannel fabric and filled with premium, cleaned and dried cherry stones that are reclaimed from a cannery located in Michigan. These packs are perfectly sized for lumbar, neck, and joints relief. Cherry pit heating packs conform to the shape of your unique body in a way that traditional heating pads just can’t.

*** Please Note - For those sensitive to smells we now sell incense in the same shop and the fragrances may transfer slightly to the fabric in various degrees. This is easily remedied by leaving the pack out to air or you may machine wash on delicate cycle.***