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Cherry Pit Crafts

$ 25.00 

Looking for an all-natural, energy efficient, safe way to rid your body of aches and pains? Cherry pit heating packs provide a soothing, penetrating heat and conform to the shape of your unique body in a way that traditional heating pads just can’t. It is your answer to quick pain relief. This heating pad is so easy to use. It takes just two minutes to heat in the microwave, and is convenient, portable, safe, lightweight, non-electric, cordless, fully washable, and so comfortable!

Directions for care and use:

***HOT: Microwave for up to 2 minutes. Place a small cup of water in with your pack for extra moisture and to condition the cherry stones after periods of non-use.

***COLD: Store your pack in a plastic bag in the freezer and use as needed.

***Machine Washable***

This cherry pit pack is made with 100% cotton fabric and measures 6 by 20 inches making it easy to target areas that need relief. Each pack is filled with premium, cleaned and dried cherry stones that are reclaimed from a cannery located in Michigan. Cherry pits make superior filler for natural heat pads because they are not subject to rancidity and pantry pests that can infest other fillers such as rice, corn, flax and barley.

Cherry pit packs make great gifts, they are always appreciated. Give the gift of natural soothing comfort.

Cherry Pit Heating Pads relieve the symptoms of:
Stress and Tension • Arthritis • Bursitis • Rheumatism • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Neck Aches • Back Aches • Ear aches • Migraine and Tension Headaches • Fibromyalgia • Swelling • Joint Pain • Muscular Pain • Cramps • Baby Colic • Sore, Tired Feet • TMJ and more!

While there is no added fragrance, you may notice a slight cherry almost woodsy fragrance from the natural fruit stones.

*** Please Note - For those sensitive to smells we now sell incense in the same shop and the fragrances may transfer slightly to the fabric in various degrees. This is easily remedied by leaving the pack out to air or you may machine wash on delicate cycle.***