Cherry Pit Heating Pad - Bright Geometric Tie Dye

Cherry Pit Crafts

$ 25.00 

For the ultimate in long lasting comforting warmth, just microwave the heat pad for up to two minutes and apply to any areas of the body that could benefit from the gentle heat. You can also store your cherry pit pack in the freezer if you prefer to use it as a cool pack.

Each microwavable heat pad measure 6 by 20 inches and is made with 100% cotton fabric and perfectly sized for lumbar, neck, and joints. Cherry pit heating packs conform to the shape of your unique body in a way that traditional heating pads just can’t.

Each pack is filled with premium, cleaned and dried cherry stones that are reclaimed from a cannery located in Michigan. Cherry pits make a superior filler for natural heat pads because they are not subject to rancidity and pantry pests that can infest other fillers such as rice, corn, flax and barley.

While there is no added fragrance, you may notice a slight cherry almost woodsy fragrance from the natural fruit stones.